I wanted to share this with you, first: I am running for Public School Trustee in Wards 8 and 9.

Roughly a year ago the sitting Calgary Public school trustee mentioned to me that she was not going to seek reelection. I suggested she not make a quick decision as the election was still 16 months away. However, she has not changed her mind and so with her support and endorsement I am announcing my candidacy.

It is my intention with Judy and the Hehr family's support to run a vigourous campaign.

My commitment to public schools is clear. After 41 years in their service, as teacher, parent, principal, and now grandparent, I know the value of public education. It has touched every part of my life and my family's, so this is personal.

Schools are where communities come together. They're where the next generation is prepared, and where we come to build a brighter future. As a school principal I saw the way that a school can grow a community and be a pillar of the families around it.

As a grandfather with children in the system I see their growth and support by many -- by volunteers, parents, staff, and teachers. I know that public schools are the way to work towards a better future. I will advocate vigorously and vehemently on behalf of the students whom I am elected to serve. Their needs and wants will be the focal point of all my efforts. When these needs come into conflict with other governments, organizations, and school systems, I will not back down. My one and only priority is and will always be the students of Calgary Public.

I am also looking forward to and will be appreciative of the support of friends and former colleagues and all citizens committed to ensuring the Calgary public school system provides the best education possible to the students it serves. 

On October 16 VOTE HEHR.