You know schools are important. And you’ve probably heard by now that I’m running to help safeguard our schools as the next School Trustee for Wards 8 and 9… and it’s personal.

As a 41-year veteran of public schools, a grandfather of three children presently in the system, and with two kids who have achieved so many of their dreams because of the advantages the Calgary Public School System has given them – this is something that is near and dear to me.

And it’s near and dear to our communities. Our local public schools are pillars for families and equip the next generation for the challenges they will meet in their future.

And in this journey I need your support. Political campaigns do not succeed unless they have support from community members like you. I’m hoping that you would continue to support the work of the Calgary Public School System by making a non-tax receiptable contribution to our campaign.

I’m hoping you can contribute either $100, $250, or $750 to my campaign. There are no caps for donations, or receipts that can be applied to your contribution.

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