I am totally dedicated to the Calgary Public School System and the families it serves.  Every student attending a Calgary Public school deserves the very best education our society can provide.  Parents should feel confident that their children are being provided the opportunity to maximize their full potential for a happy, rewarding and successful life. 

The all-encompassing role of a school trustee is to ensure the Calgary Public School System fulfills that mandate.  Success is the goal for every student. 

Inevitably a major focus for a trustee is the Board’s relationship with the Alberta Government. This relationship must be based on a solid understanding of the partnership involved.  That partnership must be based on a knowledge of and a respect for the responsibilities of each.  To ensure this mutual respect and understanding MLA’s and trustees must continuously communicate on behalf of their respective and overlapping constituencies.  Should I be fortunate enough to be elected I pledge to make this dialogue on an ongoing element of my service. 

Much of my life has been spent as a student and educator in Alberta’s public education system. As such I am aware that certain issues of concern are perennial and ongoing.  Among them are report cards, student safety, bussing, test scores, fees and curriculum to mention just a few.  Trustees must be aware that regarding these issues better is always possible and that improvement is always an appropriate goal. 

Along with the aforementioned issues I believe the major concerns facing the Calgary Public school system are as follows:

Sustainable Funding:

Calgary Public is dependent upon the Alberta Government for its funds.  The economic downturn has exacerbated financial concerns.  Issues such as school fees and bussing are being impacted by the price of oil.  Despite this downturn education must continue to be a priority for Albertans.  A child’s education cannot be put on hold until the price of oil rebounds.

School Modernization:

Over 50% of Calgary public schools are over 50 years of age.  They require over $1 billion in modernization improvements and for the most part they were needed yesterday.

School Construction:

Calgary continues to grow.  Calgary needs more schools. Calgary needs them now.  Trustees must unite to ensure that children throughout Calgary have easy access to community schools

The job of being a school trustee for the second largest school system in Canada is onerous and challenging.  It is also very important.  I believe my experience, enthusiasm and energy will allow me to start immediately to make a positive impact.  For trustee in wards 8 and 9 on October 16 vote for a name you can trust.  Vote for Richard Hehr.